Let The Story Come To You

When things don’t go to  plan, slow down, observe, let the story come to you.

Weather-wise, the week has been contrary. How do I get a great photo when the eastern horizon clearly isn’t fitting in with my hoped for spectacular? Turn on the slow shutter? Pull out an image from a month ago and pretend it was today? I’m an overthinker but photography means letting go. Two oppositional forces at play. The minute I can nudge away my concious mind, I can truly be present.

Last weekend I discovered, although I love the strong colours of sunrise, the burning gold, reds and oranges, I can abdicate to the softer tones of a mist obscured dawn. There’s a wonderful sense of joy as someone makes their way for a swim but my favourite shape is a surfer with their board. A surfer on their way for a surf means man vs nature, yet man at one with nature. A focus where there is nothing else but that moment and time ceases to exist. Much like true photography.

My entire week has been a week of things not going to plan. Too much to do, not enough creative staring at the wall. Even my precious morning photography walks have been edged with the stress of the workday ahead. When I crawl home at night to process my images of the morning, I have to hunt for the ones not tainted by panic. By expectation. The winners  can be just a quick click capturing something I love, a shape, a colour, I cannot leave just to memory.  When I’ve forgotten practicalities and schedules and marveled in what was before me.

Isn’t life’s lesson, simply appreciate, trust and let go?

Besides I live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I get to wake up at the beach, a childhood dream. I get to breathe clear air and dip my toes in the ocean. Every good photo is just a bonus.

And so, priorities in place, here’s to our curious week ahead.

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