What gets you out of bed in the morning?

What gets you out of bed every morning? We all have our thing.

For me it’s the sunrise. Some days it seems to race some days it ponders.  And I have to be walking, on the go. In my previous life in film with 12 hour days, morning walks were something regulated to weekends, if I wasn’t working. It meant two hours of brisk exercise along Southport beach, as I stifled the long list of chores reciting in my head. Bare feet in sand, a healing, a recovery from my long week.

Every walk takes me back to Kirra

As a kid, the morning walk was the treat of our Kirra holidays. Dad would head off to the beach early.  I, the only other morning person in the family, would wait to hear his steps so I could spring out of bed and join him. We strolled the stretch of north Kirra beach toward Tugan sometimes chatting, sometimes enjoying deep silence. Even now, I prefer to listen out for the black cockatoo in the she oaks rather than talk. What’s the wind doing? What tide is it? The patterns of nature are infinitely more interesting than any human conversation. Let me first calibrate to the day and then once I’ve had my quiet time I can be generous.

Home to the Sunshine Coast

When I first moved back to the Sunny Coast, I had the luxury of a morning walk every day. I soon learned to bring my camera with me. In those days it was the point and shoot until I itched to capture the sun better. No blown out blobs for me. I bought a dslr. Still not happy, I set off on a photography holiday and was encouraged to study. But the key to photography is stillness and learning to see what others brush by. For me, I’m always chasing the light and absence of it. This morning there was plenty of that, the sun blasted out between black cloud. Tricky to photograph. The ocean is inky and the light burning. I can’t decide to keep the photo or drop it into my computer’s trash. Why don’t we call it the garbo? Our Aussie terms long eradicated by US-isms.

Never mind. Post photos, running into a good friend on the boardwalk, we stopped and chatted, both overlooking the ocean. Ahead, a pod of whales were just visible in line with Point Perry. Shards of sunlight split through the heavy cloud puddling around a freighter on the horizon. With enough silence under my belt, a good chat, a pod of whales, topped off with the light show, how much better can it get? Getting a good photo is just a bonus. Now time for that coffee.

Here’s to your weekend.

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