Summer not going to plan

kezign, landscape photography, coolum beach, summerWhat does Summer mean to you?

Aircon? Trips to cool dark places? Or do you embrace it?

My favourite thing about summer, apart from the photo opportunities, is swimming in the ocean. I don’t mean cutting miles of freestyle, I mean lolling in the shallows or standing chest height in crystal clear water. Or head down, riding waves to shore. Why would people want to spit and pee in the ocean when they’re swimming in it? Forget about anything else that may be lurking!  There is something magic about salt water, it’s almost sacred. It cleanses the spirit, revives the soul. It’s a place where the secrets of the universe are stored.

As soon as December hits, all I can think of  are early walks, lazy mornings on the beach, a good book, sandy towels, zinc cream and wet togs. I’m definitely a land lubber but I need to see an ocean horizon and to swim like a cake needs icing. The fact that some Summers are spent battling cyclonic conditions for a week or so on end, or even weeks, I choose to forget. To me it’s always blue skies, light winds and drying off in the sun. Late afternoon storms are perfectly acceptable as long as I can get a good shot and the skies have enough clear horizon for a sunrise photo session, thank you.

So this morning, when the East-South-Easterly, a nagging 35 kms, is tearing at my hair, I head up the boardwalk, intent on giving sunrise its moment, despite the grey. I am quickly convinced home is the best place for me. The wind must have stirred up to give me a morning off. To take it easy instead of carrying my 10k camera back pack for 4k or so. Let go, let go of another morning shot. Embrace the moment when nature is perfectly cranky, feet up and a good cup of coffee.

After all, nature rules, we’re just here for the ride.

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