Weekend 17-18 Nov 2018

I take photos by instinct. By gut. There’s more scurrying under the surface in framing a shot yet no time for the conscious mind to dissect it.

Today’s image is a bit off kilter. As a rule, I abhor horizons in the centre of frame, however the focus is on the paddle boarders, chatting and making their way to the surf’s edge. For the greatest impact, an image is designed to lead a viewer into the frame and around anti-clockwize to top right. An adventure is to keep the eye engaged in the image or if it fails, not at all.

Here, I feel the viewer is drawn back to centre and back to the sun and hovers.

I like to work with subtlies, where are the highlights? The semi-shadows? What stage of sunrise is it? There are many stages, the purple dawn, the bold red rise, the blasting white light which, happens only after minutes on the Sunshine Coast. Unless you have an ND filter, if  not to survive the lens must swing left or right of the sun to tell a story, where colours are accentuated.

I could have trimmed away or clone tooled the seagull far left centre vertical, but for now the bird stays. Being too perfect on many occasions, makes poor art. How can life be reflected in something without blemishes?

The end of a full-on weekend. Lots of family time, not so much photography time, soul support, hugs and conversations – a gift.

Hope your weekend was as warming. Here’s to your week.

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