Waking Up Coolum Wed 20 June 2018

sunrise, coolum beach, coastal life, magic happens at sunrise, kezign, kerry mulgrew, sunshine coast, australian life, beach, saltwater, surfing, surfing blog, beach blog, australian life blog, life What do you do when your creativity needs to be on tap? Creativity on demand. As a creative, stress is the number 1 killer. Add deadlines into the bargain and how does any creative function in the business world? Add to that any human.

When it comes down to it, we need deadlines, just not the brain-crushing work environment. How do you balance healthy pressure with supportive freedom? I’ve never worked it out but setting out before sunrise for my morning walk is the best kick-off to the day, no matter what happens. Does anyone seriously think, give me more pressure? Though, too much pondering time is the first step to nothing ever being achieved.

As the sunrises, life evens out. What’s important? I’ve always given my ALL to my job. It’s who I am. However, first up, I donate the sunrise to me and my camera. What stories are playing out? Which regular characters are on the beach? Yesterday morning the Coolum Boardroom grommets appeared, hurrying into the surf, about four photographers drifted along the beach drawn to their silhouettes. The swell was pretty mediocre. Glassy enough though and living on the coast, any non-windy start is a blessing.

Today for the second day, sunrise happenes behind the cloud, that contrasting burning but part hidden scenario.  Any surfer caught in my lens is represented by a black shape against the light of the ocean. The sun makes it over the cloud lip, spilling golden light over the ocean. My, camera is clicking long after I should have left the beach for home.

Having no idea if I’ve captured a shot worth posting, I relunctantly head home. Once again, I’ll have to rush. But it’s worth it.

Yesterday, stepping onto the carpark on my shortcut to home, I met a fellow writer.  Having kindred spirits in your life is a must, be it surfing, footy, travel, parenthood, shopping or creative expression. A tee-up was arranged further down the track.

Today I scurry home with no time for processing, time is of the essence with winter sunrise. Looking forward to the Winter Solstice tomorrow!

Here’s to your own day.

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