Waking Up Coolum Beach – Fri 25 May 2018

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Cloudy and dark this morning as I set off at 05:30, along the Coolum boardwalk. Above me, an osprey tilts his wings and heads north.  The waves are a tidy two feet or so, white against the dark of the ocean, the sou’westerly keeping the water glassy.

All I can hear are the birds, finches in the banskias, lightening quick so I never spot them, then at First Bay the whip birds cry follows me as I press on up hill.  The regular morning joggers whip by me, the smiling lady,  the tall thin man who wears a sunvisa, the group breathlessly chatting as they go.

The real treat of the day happens on my return journey. The osprey, still now, perches in the pandanus at Point Perry, calmly surveying the morning. A peaceful ponder before he begins plotting breakfast. I’m grateful for the break in the trees, where I can get in close and sneak a photo. Never mind how many times I’m lucky enough to capture these magnificent birds, I’m always fascinated by the power in their stillness. No wing stretching this morning. A sideways glance to check my camera out, then back to the stretch of ocean.

All too soon, it’s time to head home, I’m glad it’s Friday and I can plot my own breakfast and plan my weekend adventures on the Sunshine Coast.

Kerry Mulgrew



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