Waking Up Coolum Beach – Wed 6 June 2018

The Lure of Sunrise

Early on it was obvious there’d be no sunrise today at Coolum Beach, a tall steel-grey cloud guarded the east, shaped like a long dog chasing the wash.

The fascination with sunrises must stem back from first man. How relieved they must have been to see that second day peep into the sky. Imagine, they wouldn’t have had a clue when the night came. No internet to google to keep them up with the Creator’s plan. Just an all encompassing blackness. Sunrise would have felt like winning the lotto back then. Dawn always calls to my primate self.

When I was busy changing my lens to try and capture that magnificent cloud, a fellow morning person sat down close by and said that he, too, was a sunrise stalker. Thousands of photos of sunrise and what do you do with them? What’s the point?

I said, ‘Don’t you get joy out of taking them? Besides, every day is different.’

I didn’t quite capture the cloud to my satifaction. Mother nature isn’t always easy to pin down. The point is, for that moment, I’m immersed in something outside of myself. In the early hours my mind is a highway for too many thoughts. Walking each morning clears my head. Taking photos has me searching for stories, textures, and always chasing the light. Who knows what that photo will become? Often it’s not until I’m home downloading the images, I understand what I felt at that moment and what the camera has captured.

So another twenty or so photos on the SD card all different from the ones I captured yesterday. A moderate sum since the sun was tardy. But off I go, appreciative of the day, the non-sunrise, of the people in it, and ready for work.

Here’s to your day.





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