Waking Up Coolum Beach – Wed 23 May 2018

Not another day living in the glorious Queensland paradise of Coolum Beach? Does it ever get boring? No.

Every morning is like a blank canvas, sometimes I think, not another photograph of sunrise! But as soon as the light changes in the east, the camera is out. Sometimes lack of light means I have to be a little creative but there are many stories playing out all around me calling to be captured.  I love the way the Coolum Community trickle out at dawn, the beach jogger who’s out before I am, already up at Stumers Creek when I hit the sand, the dog walkers who kick off at Stumers and meet me half way to Coolum hub. By the time I leave the beach is lively with surfers and walkers.

What will their day bring? Families? Work? Adventure? Off on a holiday or just the same old? Except nothing can be the same when you kick off your morning at the beach. Being out under the sky, salt air, ocean and the circle of the osprey overhead. I can still my mind and reset my self for the day ahead. The flury of shots for sunrise, being in the moment, and then I pull out of the zone and realise the time. I regretfully turn my back on the sun and head for home to get ready for work. At least I’ve had my quiet, my appreciation and my mood is light for the day.

Good morning, Wednesday!


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