Waking Up Coolum Beach – Wed 11 July 2018

Rainy on sunrise, for the second day in a row. No lives were lost. I actually love the rain, the air is fresh, you can smell the earth in the rain, the roads, walkways reflect the sky, even if the horizon is grey upon grey. Today though I choose a photo from last Friday to head the Instagram and Facebook page.

What seems a B image at the time, has a kinder appraisal a few days down the track. Pretty much like life. What seems a huge drama at the time, loses its bite a few painful hours/days/months in. Perspective takes hold and slots it into the bigger picture. My Dad used to say, if hindsight were foresight, we’d all be a lot wiser. Thanks, Dad.

In photography though, you have to work with what’s presented. Stay sensitive to the moods of nature at the time with landscape photography and moods of your subjects with people. The incoming tide, the protection of the Coolum Pines lining the boardwalk, the rock faces edging the beach. Time is suspended. The mind is still waiting for the next breath. There’s no judgement, that happens further down the track when the left brain kicks in.

Once again, before I know it, my precious morning hour has passed. I hurry down Banskia Ave to home, for breaky.

Later though I’ll go over my rainy images, see if there’s any saves, or maybe tuck them away until we’ve had 30 days of straight sun. Does that ever happen?

All the same, morning never disappoints, sunrise, cloud or rain, I head off the work refreshed, looking forward to getting home to process my pics from the A.M.



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