Waking Up Coolum Beach – Sunday 15 July 2018

sunday, beach, surfers, coolum,sunshine coast, surfers at dawn, dawn, sunrise, landscape photography, kezign, kerry mulgrew, travel qld, qld travel, visit sunshine coast Sunday normally signals sleep-in, right? Not for me. Yesterday was such an incredible day, pure rise, air about 6 degrees C, there was a good ten feet of mist on the ocean. On sunrise the ocean steamed  into the much cooler air. Magic.  How could I sleep with that possibility?

Up at 05:30, a late out of bed for me, I dither around my cameras for 10 minutes, checking SD card loads, battery power, the stat on my work camera that I’m crash coursing in. I hurry down Banksia Ave, no kookaburras this morning. Then I see two well fed specimans on the lightpole near the library. Silent. Surveying their breakfast no doubt. Or is every critter tucked up in this cooler weather? Finally down on the front of Coolum Beach, I wave to Dave from OTP, and sink down onto the sand. At last it’s low tide again and I can walk along the beach.

God knew what he was doing when he created the ocean. All else in life stills when the ocean stretches out before you. Or the desert. Vastness puts man/woman in his/her place. On the fringes of it, mankind dabbles, surfing, swimming, playing, getting back to their true state. Joy. How easy it is to forget that we’re made for joy amid the crush of practicality. Photography to me is about capturing joy. My own or other’s.

However my morning focus is two-fold. The morning walk to breathe nature and the morning light for photography. When it’s too dark to capture without a tripod, I walk. As soon as the sun is about to enter the sky or peeps up, it’s all about the image and light. This morning the light burns satisfactorily then tucks behind cloud. Yesterday’s prolific surfers are sparse as is the mist.  In the distance, two surfers race into the water. I didn’t know this would be the image of the day, I hit shutter on reflex and the gladness of it. I never know what I have until I get home and open the files.  What has momentum and what will turn out to be simply an historic capture?

Maybe it’s crisp but I heat up as I walk home. Other’s stir for their lazy Sunday breakfast. I’m content. The sky is clear, another perfect winter’s day on the Sunshine Coast. How lucky are we!


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