Waking Up Coolum Beach – Sun 24 June 2018

sunrise, coolum beach, kezign, sunshine coast, sunshine coast landscape photography, beach, australia, australian life, salty life, surf life, surfing life, surfers, gold, beach blog, photograpphy blog Being a part of sunrise is more than the visual, it’s being part of something far greater than oneself. I love how people interact with it. How they stop for a moment. Nothing else matters for a split second.

Good photographs have a pause in them too. A stillness. They can have movement but within that must be grace. And when exactly is that moment? I’m never sure. All I know is that the inner self gets a jolt, the soul speaks, the heart translates, the lens must follow – if it can. Sometimes it works, sometimes I’ve been too impatient or judgemental of the shot.

Sunday mornings in winter are perfect for sleeping in. I could stay cosy for another hour but at 06:18 there is about 15 mins of chance remaining.  Hoodie, sandshoes, camera bag, car keys – no time to walk, off I go.

This morning the ocean is steaming again, at Stumers Creek, I spot it from Coolum Main Beach, and with the luxury of car speed I’m there in a few minutes. The heat seems to travel along Stumers Creek out to the ocean and bypass the township. At first the car park has only a few cars, then it fills and people jump onto the sand with surfboards, with fishing kits, or leading their dogs to dive into the morning. I watch as it unfurls around me. The creek is calms, as it was yesterday, several ponds of it, wending to the salt. It provides a perfect reflection of the life forms finding their way to the sand.

Three fishermen are silent as they scan the horizon and head north over to the Peregian side of the creek. Two surfers hurry along behind him, also silent. This is not the time for conversation. Like them, I appreciate silence at dawn. It’s too magnificent a thing to crowd with human voice. The sun is still to show itself. The horizon purple with a feint golden rim along the cloud. When the sun spills golden there’s not a body in sight, I record it and follow the footprints north.

When I’ve given up hope of getting The Shot, though I have a stash of viables, two new surfers cross in front of me, stark silhouttes against that steamy ocean. A dog races playfully in front of them, too impatient for its owner. Bingo. the essence of a winter Sunday on the Sunshine Coast. The easy grace of two friends heading off for a surf, pure dog enthusiasm, warm water, bit of a nip in the air against the backdrop of golden light. Thank you!

Time for a slow coffee and a little more pondering.

Here’s to your Sunday!

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