Waking Up Coolum Beach – Sun 17 June 2018

red dawn, coolum beach, sunshine coast, sunday, landscape photograpphy, visit queensland, beach life, australian life There’s nothing quite like winter mornings on the Sunshine Coast but Sundays are for sleeping in after all. I hide under my doona until 0540 then bundle up in two hoodies and set off.  I make it to the beach 30 minutes before sunrise, the horizon is a fiery red, filled with passion and photographers dotted around the coastline, trying to capure it. Out There Productions lens pointing to the surfers, the boy with only 5% vision who takes beautifully composed shots carefully lining up his camera and a host of people, their mobile phones trained to the east. A mother and two children and two dogs spill onto the beach, the boys dash to climb the rocks. What a start for a kid. Sand beneath their feet, kicking off the day with fresh air and exercise.

The sky is putting on such a show, does it matter if I capture it or not? How can anything compare to the red dawn that will just end up looking like a fake image? Sometimes it’s better just to watch I tell myself as I take another shot.

stream of cloud from cold front at Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast.

On sunrise, the clouds to the south, streaky against the aqua sky, deepen. Surfers in wetsuits make their way to the water, content it seems to sit outback in the glassy conditions, black shapes on a silver ocean. There’s only one bank working for a crowd of ten.

If I was shooting on film, what would I choose? One of each, one red dawn, one streaky sky, one surfers on silver.

It’s time for a coffee and to plan my trip to Brisbane. There’s times when the city calls, when I have to start the day away from the coast, wondering what the sunrise will bring. Wondering what stories are playing out on the beach, without me.

Here’s to your Sunday.

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