Waking Up Coolum Beach – Sat 4 Aug 2018

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Winter on the Sunshine Coast means a calm ocean, with crisp, clear sunrises. This week, I walk at 0530, the beach is lit by the half moon. One or two other regular walkers appear as dark shapes along of the strip, the large woolly labradoodle, Sampson, followed by the couple with the two sleek black dogs that run hard along the wet sand.

At 10 degrees C, the air is almost reasonable outside of my two coats. No steamy water. My eyeballs are cold though until the sky lightens and I’ve turned around at Stumers Creek heading back to main beach. What will I photograph today?

Photographing the same beach every day –

The challenge has been to stay fresh, not to panic that I’ve taken so many photos of Coolum that there’s nothing left to capture. All I have to do is be still. Appreciate. Images are given to us after all. Not to judge but to allow my eyes to wander and notice subtle changes, textures, colours dipping with the approach of sunrise.

In the distance, a group of three surfers race into the water. A family. A mother, father, daughter shape. Further down two friends float. There’s no question. My theme has been decided for me.

In the header, the surfer on the left is actually standing up, the water is so shallow with the low tide. The two men chat amicably, I feel relaxed watching them, easy company, nothing hurried, not even facing the rising sun nor the clouds as they burn pink and red, gold and purple. Can you see all of those colours there? The pale ocean is the perfect foil for all that passion. The silhouette of the surfers keeping the human element simple instead of cluttering with too  much detail.

There’s no time to immerse in creativity –

There’s no time to immerse in creativity though. Between me and my sorting my morning images is eight hours of paid work. A whirr of too tight deadlines, graphic design churned out for packaging, with the blessing of good cheer amid the noise of it. But when I walk in my front door late in the afternoon, the treat of my images await me. A quick download from the CF or SD card, then i know what I’ve managed from the morning.

The rich colours are even better than I remember. I choose my hero image in a few minutes and upload it to Instagram. Today, no painful indecision dragging at me. When a shot works, it just works.

Ah! What images will tomorrow bring?

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