Waking Up Coolum Beach – Mon 4 Jun 2018

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Good Morning, Monday.

How do you feel at the start of the week? Glad to be alive? Jumping into your week or ‘Hell, here comes another one?’ I’m sure we’d all be bored if we just got to play all week. Then again, I think I could adjust. Mondays are very much an anchor, just as New Year’s are, just as the start of each season is. They provide structure, a point to plan what needs to happen in the week.

This morning I remembered I hadn’t paid my bills. Walk? or Tasks? I set off on my walk, mental health is everything. Who’s going to say, ‘You work too hard! Take the day off!’ So I feed in these little pockets of sanity into every day with a simple walk and ponder and a few photographs or 20.

Corellas on the beach this morning made for a nice splash of white against on the red tinged clouds. Fellow morning photographer, stood behind them in the perfect location. I had to make do with looking on, which at times, is okay with me. Yes, appreciate the moment without ALWAYS having to get a photo. They flew off in lively symphony, circling around the pandanus, the camera didn’t stay still for long.

Once again, Winter Sunrise at 06.29 means I’m hurrying home, the sunrise still with me, purples, pinks, red-orange edging, another perfect beginning that will see me calm through my day.

Here’s to your Monday.


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