Waking Up Coolum Beach – Mon 11 June 2018

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In life it’s vital to get away, even if that means staying 15 minutes from home. Creativity needs space, lots of it and my work week has been full on. The more stress, the less creative. I need some RNR and new inspiration. With two long-time friends, I escape to Noosa for the weekend. I’ve been plotting the perfect 70’s surf shot. I’ve been plotting it quite a while, how to capture that sense of escape, challenge and adventure? Would it be on the wave or off it? The stillness of checking out the surf is still one of my favouite themes.

I hurry up to Dolphin Point for sunrise, I have plenty of time to think about composition for my shot, morning light, a surfer just out of the water maybe, a portrait with the surfer’s eyes on the ocean. Sunrise happens through cloud, purple and gold spilling over a calm ocean. Pretty textbook. I’d hoped on a human silhouette but make do with a trademark pandanus instead. Framing is crucial in storytelling. Compositions away from the norm are best in doco photography. I aim for something between documentary and commentary. Not sure I’ve pulled it off today. On the  on the way back for breaky, a young surfer walks by edged by the early sun and holding an aqua board. I turn as he stops at the top of Granite Bay to check the swell – bingo. That familiar zing hits the pit of my stomach as I focus the camera. Lucky I have my baby zoom at the ready. As I’ve said before, photos are given to you. I can plan all I want and pick the best framing but the best images are those found in a blink of an eye.

Other people are slowly waking up, reaching for their first cup of coffee. I feel as if I have the all the secrets of the universe within me.

I’m far from done with my 70’s shot, but this is a pretty good start. At home, hours later, I drain the colour from the shot, intending to be black and white, but the aqua of the lens flare matching the board is too much coincidental poetry to drain from the image.

Another magical beginning on the Sunshine Coast. Here’s to your day.

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