Waking Up Coolum Beach – Friday 8 June 2018

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There seemed little hope of any sunrise getting through the busy cloud on the horizon aat Coolum Beach this morning. Perhaps  the forecast of ‘Chance of shower’ kept a few regular morning walkers away, the Coolum boardwalk seemed much quieter today. Dawn bleeds into the sky in the north, still too dark for any surfers to be out. I love sneaking into the day like this, absorbing the changes of morning. It puts everything into perspective.

They say the less expectations a person has, the happier they are. You can never be disappointed if you expect little, life is always that bit fuller. Expect  no surf and then a foot is a bonus? Maybe I’ll try this today. Expecations are particularly tricky when it comes to others.

After my walk up to Second Bay and back, I sit at the coffee table on the beach front, the long table beneath the pine over the road from My Place Restaurant. Normally I’d be scurrying around looking for my best shot, today, just a quiet ponder and appreciation for our raw, beautiful beach. The long stretch of it up to Stumers Creek and beyond to Peregian. The ocean is unsettled with the southerly, the waves untidy. I love how I can see Sunshine Beach, even if only a haze in the distance. The mist hovers by Stumers as usual, by now a few walkers dot the mid-tide sand. Silent in the distance, all I can hear is the ocean.

The clouds begin to tint orange, a whole cloud in the north lights up gold, in the east the sun flames through the cloud base. The camera is out, my ponder is over as I drop onto the sand ready for whatever Mother Nature sees fit to give today. No expectations.

Here’s to your Friday!


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