Waking Up Coolum Beach – Fri 22 June 2018

surfer, coolum beach, morning surf, surf photography, coolum beach, sunshine coast, kezign, kerry mulgrew, beach life, beach blog, daily blog, australian life, Thank God it’s Friday. The thrill of the weekend, the relief of being able to put down tools for two days, takes over as soon as I wake up. It stays with me as I hurry down Banskia Ave, down the library boardwalk, to the beach. Never mind I’ve a whole work day to get through.

Sorrentos Takeaway and Cafe on the corner is already stirring, fluro lights spilling out onto the pavement not yet mushroomed with chairs and tables. Further down, Gaye and David are busy about the round table preparing for their early coffee regulars. Always spreading a community of warmth and lightness of being.

Coolum may seem to close early during the week but the mornings are alive with people, jogging, walking, walking their dogs, on their way to the gym, getting money out of the flexi-teller or working out with Simon Says Personal Training.

This is how I like to start my day. On the beach, observing, pondering. Absorbing the activity about me. Keeping an open mind. Waking up is too sacred to pummel with 10 squats or 20 star jumps. I could easily kick into a bag about 10am when I have to deal with another frustrating issue. But 6am is for breathing in fresh ocean air, for appreciating the cloud formation, for stilling the mind, so I can go into the day and be kind and be generous of spirit.

At the end of my walk, I’ve found about 15 images of monotone sky, cloud and water but sunrise eludes me. A hint of pink in the south, a touch of pale aqua is what’s on offer. Once I leave the beach, the clouds light up behind me, peach and golden. Traitors! Perhaps I’ll get home and discover one of my photos is a legend without that peach and gold. Things are not always obvious first time around.

Here’s to your Friday!

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