Nostalgia Series

The most valuable item to me is the family photo album. When I was growing up, I treasured my mother’s childhood prints, taken by her sister, Dossie, on a Box Brownie. Mum could recount every emotion and minute detail about the landscape for every photo taken. Many of these were taken at Kirra, on the Gold Coast, as her family owned a holiday house over the road from the beach.

In turn, I spent the happiest moments of my childhood in the same house, trekking to the beach, fascinated by the wild-haired surfers, seemingly holding the secret of the ocean. The beach has always represented freedom and peace to me, where time stands still and you can restore your soul. My Nostalgia series represents many rich moments captured during my morning walks in my hometown of Coolum, Sunshine Coast. I hope they bring you freedom, peace and joy too.

Nostalgia Portrait
Repose Portrait
South End of Coolum Portrait

Nostalgia Landscape
Surf Club Set-Up
Wind Channels

Surf Check
Perches of Coolum, Surf Check 1
South End of Coolum, Landscape
Tea Tree Bay Afternoon Surf
Holidays at Little Cove
Nostalgia Pano
Preparations Pano
Pure Pano

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