Sunday 26 Aug – A Rainy Start at Coolum Beach

Rainy Start at Coolum Beach

After so many perfect winter days, it’s a real treat to have a rainy start. No over achieving today. I get out for an early walk 0530, in case there’s  a sunrise regardless, camera backpack weighing about 10 kilos. Good for the bones, right?

I’ve captured some of my most memorable images when the weather has been rainy. The thing is to be out there, unless it’s bucketing. I love the hush of Banksia Street, the kookaburras calling, the anticipation of breaking through the library walkway to finally see the horizon out beyond the pines and the kid’s playground. Pretty much solid cloud, an 800 ISO or nothing. I press on up the boardwalk, the Point seems my best option this morning.

After 15 minutes or so, a few nice streams of light pour through the cloud far off Point Perry. In the morning Point Perry is the perfect place to find a local for a chat. Most people are happy to soak up the raw beauty of it and share the joy. The volcanic rocks are a perfect foil for this stretch of satiny ocean. Today there’s a sneaky wind tearing into it dispite Weatherzone saying SW only 5 kms.

Behind me, a well-defined cloud sits over the surf club, against another tinted apricot. Further north, my old friend, Emu Mountain, has his feet swathed in a ribbon of mist. I love this vantage point, a big favourite when the swell is up on the point. Dave from OTP Photography cruises up the board walk with his two cameras both fixed with generous lenses, another steady morning surf photographer. After a good photographer chat I head back down the boardwalk, stopping for more spectacular rays of light through the cloud. Trick is the eye sees a little more glamorously than the camera, so often I’ll get home and the shot looks blown out or the water way too dark. Anyhow it’s enough just to be there and appreciating it, I tell myself.

That looks to be the highlight, coffee is calling! If you’re a visitor check out our Coolum Heart, The Shop, coffee from 0530 and a warm welcome along with it.

This wraps up Sunday sunrise at Coolum. Hope  your day is a good one.

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