Waking Up Coolum Beach – Fri 15 June 2018

sunrise, surfers at sunrise, coolum beach, sunshine coast, beach life, salty start, beach vibe, landscape photography, surf photography, blogger, beach blogger, beach life, australian life, kezign, kerry mulgrewLocal show day holiday for us Coolum Beach workers. Luckily I live here too. This morning I plan to walk the mid-tide beach to Stumers Creek. Dawn is burning deep orange along the horizon as I make it to the beach. Pretty mild for a winter morning, around 16oC. With no wind, the ocean is glassy and calm, with a few nice waves coming through with the sets. My goal today is to capture the peace and harmony of Stumers. Fingers crossed for some human presence to add to the story.

I scan the deeper ocean for puffs of steam that signifies whales. No luck. The aroma of brewing coffee drifts in from The Compound. Their Surf and Drink Coffee stickers can be found on backs of 4WDs all over the coast.

After catch up and chats with three of my favourite morning people, I make it to the creek. She’s still running although shallowly into the ocean via a broad steam of rivelets. Maybe they’ll light at sun up. I trek upstream to where the creek pools into a pond. Delicately I rock-hop to the small sandbank, not wanting to get my sandshoes wet. I’ll take them off after this shot and wade back in. Two surfers run along the bank and my lens swings east to follow them. Bingo! Surfer stories are my favourite, the freedom, the adventure, the man verses ocean yet is in harmony with it theme.

I use my wide lens to dwarf the surfers with the open sky. Hopefully I have captured the peace I set out to. Otherwise, press on, there’s always tomorrow’s shot. After a few in the series, I rock-hop back to the edge. My last perch tips up, in I go, Nikes thoroughly drenched, edge of jeggins dripping. That’s life for you. The camera is still dry just a squishy walk home, ahead.

Good morning Coolum!


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