Waking Up Coolum – Fri 1 June 2018

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First day of Winter here at Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast, Australia and it’s a calm 11oC, clear skies, no wind as yet, looking good for the weekend.

Some perfect mornings are the most challenging to photograph when you’ve been in the same locale for a long time. Immersing in the morning means stilling the busy conciousness and just being. Not always easy. This morning about a dozen seagulls land on the low tide sand. There doesn’t seem to be as many seagulls around as when I was little. Maybe they’re hanging out at Mooloolaba, near the fish and chip shops these days but to see a group like that is a novelty. Two crows stand guard over a fish head and skeleton like bouncers at a pub. Nevertheless the seagull flock scuttle in for a takeover, quickly thwarted with a few sharp barks from the crows. One seagull leans to his right, like a cagy teenager, waiting for a break.

I can’t belive birds don’t have emotions like we do. Everyday I see shock, disbelief, hope, in the faces of animals. Dogs are the best, glad to be out on the beach, tails wagging, impatient if their owner waits to throw that ball, joyous stretching out in a run down the beach on the wet sand. Galahs huddle together on the power lines behind the beach, perched in couples, one often fleaing the other, or leaning into each other in comfort.

We’re all connected one way or another, if you still the mind chatter, you can sense another’s joy, pain, concern, or whatever they hide beneath their public face. The truth comes out eventually.

The flock eventually circle over the beach returning to the same spot, every hopeful. Off I go to work, every hopeful  myself, you never know what the day will bring.

Here’s to your Friday and the first day of winter!


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