Dawn Stirs at Stumers Creek, Coolum

Horizon festival, stumers creek, dawn, dawn awakening ritual, sunshine coast festival, Traffic of a difference at Stumers Creek at Coolum this morning.

The usual trail of sandy feet and eager dogs off leads is replaced with a guest appearance of the original locals this morning at Stumers Creek, Coolum. Over the course of Australia’s history respect has not been a strong suit so to see the hushed crowds and the Gubbi Gubbi performing their Dawn Awakening ceremony is a joy. Okay, so maybe next time there should be no smart phones on video mode but I gather, it’s because in our modern history, at last, the Custodians are edging toward their rightful place and to see them as such is exciting.

Get Out Early

I’m up and at-em at 04:15 so I can walk along a low tide beach to be at Stumers by 05:00. Photo op wize, public events turn me into a recorder. My creativity hunkers down. Too many energies drain the air for me to relax. We have the hired guns muscling in to make sure everyone keeps moving along the allocated path and the dedicated early sitters, obviously have been attending for a few years and know the ropes. Parents, children, dogs, all glad to be a part of the magic shuffle along the path and find their place.

To still my mind and sense the best image, isn’t going to happen this time around.This is the first year I’ve been able to make it. Besides, the event isn’t about harnessing in an image, or best angles, it’s about the stories and taking time to slow down. As the visiting songstress from NT said, “We have time.”

Be still. Be silent. I couldn’t agree more.

As the muted dawn light seeps into the east and burns to gold, we stop to appreciate the simple act of lighting a fire to keep us warm, dance to join both the old and the new and have pause to appreciate the oncoming dawn. In the entire hour of perfomance there is hardly a word spoken. Just how I like it. To appreciate nature, silence is the key.

So thank you to everyone combined in this part of the festival, you’ve hit the nail on the head. well planned, well done!

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