Waking Up Coolum Beach – Sat 2 June 2018

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Winter mornings are among the most spectacular from my photography point of view. Crisp, clear skies, often a calm ocean and on occasion at sunrise when the ocean is still a nice 23oC -ish, it steams up into the much cooler air.

I race around to find the best sunrise photo position, today, up on the boardwalk a nice higher angle to show the glassy conditions. Satisfied with those few shots, I pack away my big camera and set off towards Stumers Creek with my smaller camera, the 550D and baby zoom in my hand. The ocean begins to steam. Magic. All the interesting action seems to be happening along the beach at Stumers, surfers black against the early sun and steam. I speed up and manage to snap a few shots, fingers crossed even that far away, the silhouettes will be sharp enough. This is my cover shot today. On my wish list is  the new Tameron 18-400mm for my small camera, so I’ll never miss a shot.

Ahead, a lone surfer warms up well within my lens range, I hover like a hopeful paparazzi, ready to strike the minute he stands up. There’s something about the shape of surfers and their boards as one. Harmony, challenge, peace, adventure. I never tire of it.

A woman snags me in conversation the minute my subject jumps up and jogs into the sea. Photography has its own kind of zen, like fishing, talking isn’t welcome. No words please, I’m tuning into the story. The emotion of the moment. I shake her off but it’s too late. There’s a few shots of the young surfer’s shape, feet off the sand, mid-stride. Not as perfect a capture as I’d hoped. Check out the shot on my instagram page. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful morning.

I turn toward Coolum and head home. How much better can it get? Here’s to the weekend.


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