Waking up Coolum Beach – Sat 30 Jun 2018

coolum beach, morning, beach landscape, surfers, surf photography, sunshine coast landscape, surf life, australian life, beach blog, photography blog This week has been a moody journey, cloudy starts most of it, except for Friday. Which turns my thoughts to my own moods, my own reactions to that around me. We take great care to empty the inbox of emails and file or delete, who wants the email program to whig out? Note to self, check inbox! But what of our own emotional inbox? As Eckhart Toll says, why relive negative, hurtful emotions over and over?

No better time to deal with those sludgy hangers-on than on my morning walk. Shake off the stress of the work-week, breathe in the morning and just be. The cranky feeling at that driver who missed my car by inches, impatient on Coolum’s peak hour roundabout kamakazi, the churning over yet another failed relationship. the worry over some tiny detail at work now well into the past – gone, gone, gone!

This week’s walks have been taken on the beautiful boardwalk from Coolum main beach to Point Perry and onward to First and Second Bay. By the time I make it back to main for sunrise, the cloud has shifted well over the horizon and the mornings were pure grey. On Friday there is a gold hue tinging the east and as I hurry down to my favourite Coolum rock and crouch down to bring in as much as the sky to the wet sand reflection, a band of friends race through for their morning surf.

There’s no problem emptying the emotional inbox when  you surf.  Through my wide lens, I capture the white water as it sweeps in around the rock. I stay long enough to get my first shot of the lads as the girl appears to my left, laughing with me, the joy of the morning and the sight of me on sandshoe tippy-toes to get out of the path of the wash. This simple exchange stayed with me as I framed the next shot.

Have I managed to capture something of that lightness against the prehistoric rock?

As I walk home, I’m focused on the moment, the new day. Yes, I’ll have to hurry to get to work on time, which is ten minutes before I start, I hate being really late, but for now I enjoy the sky, the birds, happy with my empty inbox and the perfect start to the day.

Here’s to your weekend!

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