Waking Up Coolum Beach – Mon 28 May 2018

storm clouds, cloudy sunrise, coolum beach, sunshine coast, sunshine coast blog, beach life, salty life, salty vibes, clouds, storm clouds, cloud art, kezignHello Monday, means rain bucketing at 05:00, continuing at 05:20. Maybe I’ll miss my walk this morning. Beach life often enough means rainy mornings though we don’t like to advertise too much, the truth is Mother Nature rules.

I busy myself in the home office checking the usual, weather, winds, tides and pay a few bills when I notice no sound of rain at all. Hadn’t been for five or so minutes. Raincoat, sandshoes on. Out the door. I’m a summer girl through and through but winter air wakes you like no other. Crisp, bush-tangy air bites you, despite dire threats the council didn’t razor the greenspace at the end of my street, after all. And double bonus, rain clears the riff-raff off the boardwalk.

Mid-way along snapping a few possible workable shots, I’m glad to bump into a fellow morning walker and have chatty company to power walk up to Second Bay. My time is pretty much nipped in the bud this morning but that power walk buys me a good few meters. Walking down the hill on the way back, the rain clouds over First Bay tinge pink with the oncoming dawn. The colour continues changing all the way back to Coolum. This is why I love sunrise, every shift of light, is intensified.

Whatever your mood when you wake, getting out under the sky balances the spirit. For a morning photographer it’s my kick start for the day. Grateful for a few shots in the bag, good company and a whole Monday in front of me, I hurry home for a slow coffee. Is there anything better than ponder time for a creative?

Here’s to your week.


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