Chasing The Light – a tale of Jade Casey

For a long while Jade’s story has hankered down in various filing boxes and folders. Ruby’s story along with it.

It’s time they’re out of their box.





I’m in awe of three things.

The creative, the ocean and how it can soothe the soul and the strength of the women in my family. Especially Ruby.

Ruby’s gone, leaving behind a void in my life and a million questions.

Who was she? What got her out of bed every day when she was young with her entire life before her? What made her throw away every painting she’d ever done without even sharing them with us?

I used to think I was weird, a person who wore their nerve cells on the outside of their skin. Odd. Quiet. Not popular on the social front but a dreamer who was happiest poking about in rock pools, surfing with my dad, or sketching with Ruby. Now I know this is just who I am. Other people go to India to find themsevles. All I did was go to Ruby’s funeral. What I thought was my future was simply a prelude to truly chasing the light.

Jade Elizabeth Sarah CASEY

chasing the lightPhoto by Kezign

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