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Golden Pathway Morning

This morning’s sunrise is one of the most beautiful of the year to watch, for minutes on end, a golden pathway stretching from Point Perry to the sun. With, very little wind and a WNW, the water, glassy and inviting,

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Chasing The Light – a tale of Jade Casey

For a long while Jade’s story has hankered down in various filing boxes and folders. Ruby’s story along with it. It’s time they’re out of their box.   _______ CHASING THE LIGHT Prologue I’m in awe of three things. The

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Gift from the Gods at Coolum Beach

surfer, sunrise, sunshine coast, cloudy sunrise, surfing, morning surf

The skies can be heavy with cloud then on sunrise, the clouds tint with rich golds, oranges and pinks, a gift from the Gods. There’s nothing like it. Even on a rainy day, much like surfers that head out back

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Let The Story Come To You

let the story come to you

When things don’t go to¬† plan, slow down, observe, let the story come to you. Weather-wise, the week has been contrary. How do I get a great photo when the eastern horizon clearly isn’t fitting in with my hoped for

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